Many listen, not to act but to react.

Even without a ponder on what is being said, we have a lot of responders.

Little wonder we see less and less of extraordinary things but a handful of complainers.

Two ears and one mouth gives a balance to human nature, because the great God in His wisdom, is not an amateur.

Creation has no deformation.

Back to the ish …

If only we would stop; walking to and fro dissing the voices that crow and listen…

Rain drops from thatched roofs in inner cities; listen!

Children crying, lying hungry, not even on beds but on dirt; listen!

Nations seeking solution, confused by confusion, ravaged in crisis and economic recession; listen!

Children abuse; female misuse, wailing but no bail coming; listen!

In our institutes of learning, the wise-born are often educated to become fools; tools for the rat-race use; listen!

Homeless and jobless, regardless of abundance - so many living on less, their lives have become a mess; listen!

That woman just got beaten by her husband, not even for treason but without reason; thanks to liquor! His reasoning has become seasoned; listen!

The Government, maybe they know what to do, maybe not.

But they need help. They've been calling; many cries, pleas for help...The challenge is that not many are listening!

There are voices all around.There are areas where our helping hands can go.

On the journey of greatness, the command 'Go!' begins with hearing the cry of the needy; simply put, listen!

A good listener would always make a great leader.


We can do a lot if only we would LISTEN. 

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